“I would highly recommend Dan Bates: he provides excellent results, and is always flexible, personable and helps relieve the after effects of our all too hectic lives!” - John F.


“Dan Bates is an extremely effective and impressively knowledgeable muscular therapist. He goes straight to treating the root of the problem while explaining clearly the reasons of the discomfort, as well as the solution. He also prevents continuing injuries by providing the customer with exercises and stretches that strengthen/stretch the affected area. All in all, Dan is amazing at his craft and will wholeheartedly recommend him.” - Orlando C.


“I've known Dan for 7 or 8 years now going back to our training in Kung Fu. Both my wife and I have had excellent success with Driftway Muscular Therapy and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for relief from chronic issues or just to relieve some tension.” - Derek M.


“Dan Bates is a very thorough and skilled practitioner of massage therapy,with an extensive knowledge of the physiology of the human body and a gut level instinct in knowing just what a client needs at any given moment of that clients therapy path. He combines his sense of a client's physiological needs and situation coupled with his technical knowledge of how the human system works ,to deliver a complete and thorough therapy package, suited to that client. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs the skills and knowledge of a seasoned professional.” - Bryn D.


“Dan has an ability to find the correct solution to relieve physical stress caused by an over exuberance of weekend physical activities. He asks the right questions and through that can release the causes of pain.” - Jeff H.


“Dan has an excellent understanding of muscles, ligaments and bones. His deep tissue, therapeutic massage technique is soooo beneficial in healing his clients. Having been the recipient of his care a few times, I am happy to highly recommend Dan!!” - Jane W.


"I referred my Dad (age 74) to Dan to help him with his foot. My Dad was having some mobility and pain issues. Dan was able alleviate the pain and restore so much range of motion in his foot. My Dad hadn't realized just how much mobility he had lost. Thank you, Dan, for making such a big improvement to my Dad's quality of life in just a couple of massage sessions." - Claire H.


“I have seen Dan on multiple occasions for both deep tissue work as well as relaxation massage. He truly works wonders. Each time I leave his office I feel fantastic, and that feeling of well being lasts for many days afterwards. A consummate professional, Dan is also extremely knowledgeable about the body and uses that ability to determine the best way to treat any complaint. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone - he's extremely devoted to his field and the good health of his clients.” - Karin D.


“Dan Bates is above and beyond your standard massage therapist. With a deep understanding of the body, he was able to significantly improve the mobility of my shoulder while eliminating the pain that was shooting down my arm and into my neck. Prior to seeing Dan, I was unable to bring my right arm above shoulder height and was in constant pain. Dan's techniques helped with noticeable results after the first visit. I would strongly encourage anyone with a physically active lifestyle to visit Dan on a regular basis!! You will not be disappointed!!” - Kate R.


“My back was so tight it made breathing hurt. I spent one hour with Dan, and I walked out of there completely relieved and able to breathe. My back has never felt better. Thank you, Dan!” - Kelly D.


“I teasingly tell Dan he has thumbs like tree trunks-- but let me tell you -- he knows exactly how to use those thumbs to release the stress and tension locked up in those muscles! recommend him highly!” - Patty T.


“Dan is extremely detailed in his profession. I cannot believe I have not written a review before as I have been going to him for so long. I had trouble with my neck when I first came to see him and he solved the problem I had for several years before, so I was convinced to stay with his services.” - Marie N.


“Dan is fantastic! I do high intensity interval training and occasionally push a little too hard. Dan figures out the cause of the discomfort and works it right out. I highly recommend him for athletes and others.” - Carol F.


“Dan is very knowledgeable and really knows his stuff about deep tissue massage and how your body is supposed to work. He really tries to figure out what's bothering you, fix it, and then provide you with info so that the injury does not occur again. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering from pain and needs help!!” - Mark B.


“I've had amazing massages with Dan. Every time I've gone, it's usually for an injury from work. And every time I leave feeling better & my injuries have subsided as a direct result from Dan's work. Other massages I've had at other locations, particularly focusing on my neck/shoulders have always resulted in a migraine the next day. However, with Dan, I've never once had this problem. It's truly a great place & I wish I lived closer so I could go more often!” - Rebecca S.


“I really can't say enough about Dan's expertise and ability. I am someone with severe foot, leg, and back issues. I was referred to Dan and it took a fair amount of prodding to get me to go - because I had completely given up on any hope of truly getting better. I was at the point of limping around and being in so much pain that I wouldn't even walk to the mailbox. Within 3 visits to Dan I was walking around the mall. He is an outstanding therapist who knows what he is doing. He is an expert and I trust him completely. I am shocked by the progress I am making under his care. He listens carefully and responds to your needs. I am so grateful for the work he is doing. I have been to many massage therapists over the years and this is truly many levels above the care I have received in the past. If you are in pain - I would give him the highest recommendation possible. And yes - when you arrive there isn't a receptionist. This is a private practice with no need for one. I arrived, completed my paperwork, and then met Dan and went into the therapy room.” - Andrea B.


“Highly recommend. My therapist, Dan is amazing and very professional. If you are in pain, he can fix it. I went to see him with extreme lower back pain, after my 90 minute appointment, I left feeling 100% better. He also advised me on how to take care of myself in the future.I also suffer from frequent headaches and neck pain and have seen Dan on several occasions for this reason. He is able to quickly locate the source of the pain and get right to work on it. The office is clean and clutter free, a very relaxing and friendly atmosphere.” - Jen M.